In addition to federal laws, each state has regulations that employers must follow for payroll and employee benefits. In Wyoming, there are some laws that business leaders and HR professionals should be aware of.   

Wage payment requirements   

The Wyoming Labor Department enforces wage payment requirements throughout all of Wyoming. The method of payment in Wyoming must be through lawful U.S. currency such as cash, check, and direct deposit.  

While direct deposits are a lawful U.S. currency, employees are not required to accept direct deposits. Employers may only pay their employees in direct deposits if requested by the employee.  

Payroll cycle  

Wyoming does not have laws governing how often employers must pay their employees in most industries. The only exceptions are employees who work in any of these industries:  

  • Railroad 
  • Mine 
  • Refinery
  • Factory  
  • Mill  
  • Workshop  
  • Oil  
  • Gas 

If employees work for any of these industries, payment is required on or before the first day of the month for work done in the first half of the previous month (1st-15th) and on or before the 15th of the month for work done in the second half of the previous month (16th-end of the month). 


Wyoming does not have separate overtime regulations, so employers must follow the federal requirements under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).  


Here are some of the paid and unpaid leave laws in Wyoming that apply to employers in addition to Federal requirements like FMLA and USERRA:   

  • Vacation time: Wyoming does not currently have any state laws that require paid time off for employee vacations, but many employers choose to offer this benefit to employees.  
  • Jury duty: Employers must provide their employees with unpaid leave to serve as jurors if it is asked of them.  
  • Voting leave: Employers must provide their employees with up to three hours of paid leave to vote in a primary or general election unless they have at least three hours before or after work to do so.  


A final paycheck must be provided, no later than the employer’s next regularly scheduled payroll date, for an employee who is discharged, resigns, or retires.  

It is important for employers to understand the state laws in any state their employees work in.  

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