The way work is integrated with our lives has changed over the past year. Remote work has become a lot more prevalent in many industries. Because of this, a lot of attitudes towards remote work have also changed. More people are willing to give it a shot, and problems we didn’t consider in the past have come to light. Here is the newest information you should know about remote work and why it matters to your organization: 

Employees Enjoy Remote Work 

According to research done by Buffer97.6% of remote employees would like to continue working remotely for the rest of their lives and 96% of employees working remotely because of COVID-19 would like to continue to do so. Because of statistics like this, you should consider making remote work an option or at least ask your employees their opinion on remote work. There are plenty of industries where remote work isn’t possible, but if it is possible for your company, you might want to give it a shot.  

Flexibility is a Huge Benefit 

The majority of employees find flexibility to be the most valuable benefit of working remotely. Make sure your remote work programs don’t unnecessarily inhibit flexibility. Even if you aren’t able to provide remote work to your employees, you might be able to provide some flexibility. Consider whether options like flexible start and end times, job sharing, and compressed work weeks might work for your organization. 

Remote Work Goes into Overtime 

Although remote work has many benefits, there are definitely some struggles. About 52% of employees feel they’re in more meetings because of remote work. Additionally, 27% of remote workers are finding it difficult to unplug from work. To combat this, encourage your employees to take breaks and unplug consistently. Also, carefully consider the number of meetings you’re holding and whether they are necessary.  

Being aware of changes in the business world can help you provide a better working environment for your employees. Take time to consider how this advice can be applied to your company.