The holidays have come around and most people want to celebrate. This includes your employees. You might be wondering how best to celebrate the holidays with your employees. You might be considering a holiday party or gift giving. However, as a small business you aren’t sure what is affordable or practical. Here are a few ideas of what you can give employees during the holidays this year:

An Educational Opportunity

Most of your employees will appreciate an opportunity to learn more and become better at their job. There are also several ways to make it affordable. You can try to find a free seminar to get your employees tickets to. Additionally, you can ask an advisor in your area to give a free class in exchange for potential customers.

Time Off

This can be done several different ways. You can offer a day off that is usable anytime in the following year. If you can’t lose employees for a whole day, consider a half day or an opportunity to come to work late or leave early.


Most of the time, employees will really appreciate food. For your gift this year, you can start a company provided weekly snack. Or, you could do a catered lunch near the holidays.

Even if you have an idea for a gift, there a still a few things you need to remember when giving holiday gifts.

  • Keep it fair: When giving a gift, you need to make sure you include everyone and don’t make one person feel less than another.
  • Put thought into it: Gifts don’t need to be expensive or extravagant to be appreciated. All you need to do is give something thoughtful.

Use these tips to make sure your employees can enjoy the gift you give them this holiday season.