The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits employers from making employment decisions that discriminate against individuals with disabilities. In these situations, the law requires employers to engage in discussions with employees about “reasonable accommodation,” so it is important to provide training to managers so they know what is required. 

What is ADA compliance training?  

ADA training teaches how leaders should handle reasonable accommodation requests. 

It is important for businesses to stay compliant with ADA, to avoid unnecessary fines and penalties as well as a poor company reputation.  

Many employers think about complying with ADA in terms of the physical workspace such as: 

  • Installing a wheelchair ramp where it is necessary 
  • Installing handrails for walkways 
  • Providing accessible parking spaces 
  • Providing accessible restrooms facilities  

Just because your company has added these features to the office does not mean you are being fully compliant with ADA.  Discrimination can occur through conversations, lack of advancement, and termination due to a disability. 

Why is ADA training important? 

ADA training is important because it can teach managers what to do in a situation where they believe a reasonable accommodation discussion is required. 

ADA training should also mention the consequences of discrimination and how it is not tolerated, both by the government and by your company standards.  

Providing harassment and discrimination prevention training to all employees makes your company a better workplace overall. It makes it clear what the company expects from employees and what will happen if employees violate company policies. 

How is ADA compliance training done?  

Often, Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) or HR consultants can provide their clients with ADA training resources. Our HR team can provide our clients with all the training they need to help ensure they are educated about managing these employment relationships.  


ADA training can help your company have an inclusive and safe work environment. Workers that undergo specific ADA training prove to have a more enjoyable experience in the workplace than those who do not receive proper training. It is important for employers to make ADA training a priority to help ensure their company is complying with ADA rules and regulations.  

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