Employee safety should always be top priority. Not only are accidents expensive for the company, but leaders also want each of their employees to arrive home safely after work each day. Employee accidents don’t have to be a necessary evil. Here are a couple ways to decrease the number of accidents in your workplace.

Create an Environment of Open Communication

Let your employees know that it is acceptable to bring up concerns in the workplace. Employees are likely to see potential safety risks before you can. If your employees feel comfortable bringing up those safety risks, potential risks can be identified and taken care of quickly, before anyone can get hurt.

An easy way to promote open communication is to positively reward behavior in correlation with safety. If employees follow safety constraints, it would be good to reward them. This will not only encourage employees to follow safety guidelines, but it will promote positivity in relation to safety. Using negative consequences to enforce safety will lower employee trust, motivation, and productivity.

Provide a Clear Safety Policy

Employees need to understand clearly what the safety guidelines are for their specific jobs. Safety guidelines should not be vague or confusing. Make the hazards in your work environment clear, as well as the processes employees should use to minimize them.Make a plan to deal with an unexpected, and unlikely disaster as well. Training, such as fire drills, should be done with all employees so they know what to do during an unanticipated crisis. Other first aid training can help ensure that employees are safe.

Employees should feel comfortable taking a day off when they are ill. A sick employee will be a danger to themselves and to other employees. Make sure your employees know that it is totally acceptable to take a sick day when needed.

Using these tips you can make your company as safe as possible and eliminate many potential accidents.

Looking for more help with safety? Contact our Safety Director, Josh Hancey at  jhancey@helpside.com.