October is the month for all things spooky. However, there are some business issues that are frightening year-round. Compliance is hard for everyone to keep up with and can be a nightmare for business owners. These are the scariest of compliance challenges for all business owners and how to deal with them: 

Paying Employees Correctly 

Keeping your pay correct can cause a huge headache, especially when you have a lot of employees. An important part of paying your employees correctly is to keep track of hours worked. Even if your employees forget to clock in, you’re responsible for keeping track of the hours worked. Overtime is another area that often gets employers into trouble. Here are some tips for getting that piece right.  

Employees vs Independent Contractors 

As a business owner, you are responsible for your employees, but not independent contractors. Knowing the difference between the two is vital when dealing with liability issues. It can also be extremely difficult. A couple signs that you’re working with a contractor is if they bring their own supplies, the job doesn’t last long, you can’t hire or fire the specific employee, and you aren’t managing their method.  

Employee Leave 

There are times when you are required by law to offer time off to employees, either paid or unpaid. These may include time off for family needs, medical issues, military service or training, jury duty, and voting.  Additionally, you may have paid time off (PTO) benefits that allow employees to take time off for medical appointments, vacation, or while they are sick. 

Preventing Harassment and Discrimination 

In the current day, preventing harassment and discrimination is a large focus in a lot of businesses. The legal repercussions for not having a program in place are huge and expensive. You should clearly communicate your discrimination and harassment policies to employees and provide annual training to minimize the risks.  

Terminating Employees 

Terminating employees is not an enjoyable experience for anyone involved. However, terminating employees is sometimes a necessity. For best results, be honest with your employees and always fire them with the respect you would want.  

Use these quick tips and contact Helpside to help you deal with your scariest compliance issues.