Choosing a health plan is a major decision that requires a lot of careful thought. Your company pays for health insurance and your employees rely on that health insurance, so you want to be sure to choose one that meets the needs and budget of your company and your employees. But it can be difficult to know which plan to choose when there are so many options. Here are a few factors to think about when picking a health plan for your company:


Since the company will likely cover some of the costs of a health plan, you need to make sure the costs of the employer contribution stay within your budget. You will also want to consider your employees’ budgets as well, so you know they’ll be able to afford their portion of the plan premiums.

Types and Quality of Benefits

Along with your pricing, you should also consider what benefits are included in your health plan. Looking at the plan descriptions can tell you want is covered and how it will be covered. Traditional health plans cover an office visit very differently than a high deductible health plan. Understanding these differences is key to selecting the right plan (or plans) for your company. There are also a wide range of additional benefits you can choose from. Some of the possible benefits include dental, vision, life insurance, disability insurance, critical illness insurance, 401(k), and more.

Employee Preference

Your employees are the ones who will use benefits, so you should make sure the benefits package offered appeals to them. Ask your employees which benefits would be the most helpful to them. You might get a range of answers since individuals have varying needs. If this is the case, consider health plans that offer a variety of options, so employees can select the benefits that meet their needs, and you don’t end up paying for benefits that are not wanted.


For some workers it may be hard for them to access all their benefits in person. A plan that offers telehealth or video options for visits will be more accessible for all of your employees.

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