Loneliness can creep up on anyone, especially with the increase of remote work and physical distance from co-workers. You’ve probably felt lonely when looking at a more empty than usual workplace or while working remotely. Loneliness can impact motivation, productivity, mental health, and physical healthHere are some of the best ways to reduce loneliness in your company:  

Go Outside 

Loneliness can be reduced by spending more time out and about. Going for walks, getting groceriesor doing errands are all great ways to feel less lonely. The important part is being around other people and allowing room for casual interactions. You can also set up weekly activities with friends or co-workers to get out of the house and spend time with other people.  

Have Social Meals 

Mealtimes are great for socializing. With co-workers already on break for mealtimes, it can be easier to socialize without distracting from work. Try to ask co-workers or friends to meet you for meals or snacks together. If you can’t or aren’t comfortable going to a restaurant, you can always video call someone and eat lunch together virtuallyAs a business leader, you can institute a lunch hour or group break room if possible. That will allow for more casual conversation between employees during the workdayThis is a great way to establish connections with co-workers and reduce feelings of loneliness in yourself and others.  

Check on Others 

If you are feeling lonely, you’re likely not the only one. Even if you don’t feel lonely you might have employees and co-workers that are struggling with loneliness. Reach out to others in your company to see how they’re doing. Taking the time to extend support toward others will help you feel more connected and will bring your company together.  

Loneliness is hard to deal with and can really hurt your work quality. Use this advice to help yourself and others combat loneliness.