In today’s competitive job market, finding top talent is more challenging than ever. Companies are constantly in search of new and innovative recruitment strategies to help attract the best candidates for their company.   

Here are three effective recruitment strategies to attract top candidates to your small business:  

Ensure that job ads that reflect the company culture 

Candidates appreciate transparency and authenticity. If your company is very trendy and tech-savvy, make that known in the job description. Explain how much your company utilizes technology and stays up to date with work trends such as flexibility, competitive benefits, and incentives. If your company has unique perks that stand out among other companies, then be sure to include some of them in the job ad 

If your company priorities a highly professional atmosphere within the office, it is important to reflect that professionalism in your job ad. This will help ensure that candidates understand the more formal and serious ambiance of the company.  

If companies are able to demonstrate what it is really like to work for the company in their job ad, it will help them to attract the right candidates.   

Reach out to past applicants 

If your company interviewed someone in the past that checked all the boxes but was lacking experience or skills, it can be beneficial to reach back out and see if anything has changed. Someone who may have been lacking in a few areas before, may have everything you are looking for in an employee now.  

During the hiring process, hiring managers should mark any applicants that could have potential and then reach back out to them during job openings.  

Request employee referrals  

Rather than starting from scratch when hiring, it can be beneficial to ask your trusted employees for referrals. Generally top employees will recommend someone who is also a hard worker and someone that they truly think would be a good fit for the job. Since current employees are already familiar with the company and the vacant job position, they would know whether their friends or acquaintances would be successful in the role or not.  

When requesting employee referrals, try to make the referral process fun by offering rewards or prizes to employees who refer someone that ends up being hired by the company.  

With the competitive job market, it is important to have unique and effective recruitment strategies that can help your company attract top talent. Creating job ads that reflect your company culture, reaching out to past applicants, and requesting employee referrals are all great ways to help your company attract top candidates.