On August 31 2019, the July 17 2017 version of the I-9 form will be expired. This deadline may be extended if the USCIS has more changes to make to the new form. The USCIS will be releasing an adapted version of the I-9 form for your use soon after that. Not using the revised form can result in legal issues. Here are a few things you need to know about this change and what you need to do about it:

  • Once the new form is released, all of your new hires will be required to fill out that adaptation of the I-9 form. Section 1 has to be filled out by the first day of hire and section 2 must be completed by the third day of employment. Failure to fill out the I-9 form can result in firing. 
  • Any employees that are re-verified after the new form is released, have to use the most current form for the re-verification. 
  • For any re-verification section 3 of the I-9 form needs to be filled out. If an employee is re-verified after the new adaptation of the I-9 form is released, you should use the section 3 of the most current I-9 form and attach it to the employee’s original form. 
  • You do not need to change current employees’ documentation to the current I-9 form unless they are being re-verified. 
  • Employers can continue to use the July 17 2017 version of the I-9 form until the revised form is released. 
  • The changes to the I-9 form are influenced by comments accepted by the USCIS. 

Changes made to the deadline and the I-9 form are available here. Reach out to the HR team at Helpside with any questions about the I-9 form.