This article was written by Josh Hancey, Safety Director and member of the Risk Management team at Helpside.

Unfortunately, there is no single solution employers can implement to eliminate workplace injuries. Companies with the best safety programs understand that they must attack their safety challenges from several different angles. One such angle is utilizing a nurse triage program for all workplace injuries.

What is a Nurse Triage Program?

A nurse triage program is a 24/7 hotline that connects an employee with a non-life threatening injury directly with a registered nurse. It is a quick and cost-efficient way to immediately determine if an injured worker needs to seek medical attention without having to physically go into a clinic. With most programs, calls are available in both English and Spanish.

Once the call is made, the nurse and injured employee will decide if an in-person medical visit is necessary. If the nurse and injured employee determine that in-person treatment is necessary, the the nurse will transfer the call to a concierge agent to identify a local preferred provider. This makes the entire process seamless and easy for both the employee and employer.

If the nurse and injured employee determine that an in-person clinic visit is not necessary, the nurse will give self-treatment recommendations and schedule a follow-up call with the employee the following day.

The nurse triage program is free to all companies that participate in the Helpside Workers’ Compensation program.

The nurse triage is not meant to facilitate 911 emergency calls. If it’s a true emergency, employees are encourages to call 911 and seek immediate medical attention.

 Benefits of a using a Nurse Triage Program

The nurse triage program focuses first and foremost on the employee’s health and well-being, but there are several other benefits that come from using a nurse triage program:

  • Takes out the guess work in determining if an injured employee needs to seek medical attention or can self-treat. A registered nurse can immediately determine what treatment is needed instead of relying on a manager/supervisor.
  • Reduces unnecessary doctor and emergency room visits.
  • Helps employees return to work more quickly.
  • Gives injured employees access to preferred provider networks reducing costs.
  • Provides a quick and cost-efficient way to immediately report workplace injuries

Implementing a nurse triage program allows employers and their worker’ compensation carrier to address an employee injury claim when it first occurs, providing quick and accurate care intervention, often preventing a minor injury from becoming an expensive claim.

If you participate in the Helpside Workers’ Compensation Plan, this handy reference can help you and your employees through the process of managing a workplace injury. If you have questions, reach out o us at (801) 443-1090.