National Employee Appreciation Day takes place on the first Friday of every March. Every year, Helpside gives our clients the opportunity to recognize some of the employees for their hard work and positive attitudes. We love reading these amazing employee stories every year. Below you will find some amazing employee recognition examples from small businesses that work with Helpside.

After you read through this year’s submissions, take a look at National Employee Appreciation Day employee recognition examples from previous years:

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Cassandra R. – HSW Management
She is always willing to help, has incredible work ethic, and is an all around great team member. Nominated by Lilian

Ryan H. – 5 Sons Services
Ryan has been with us since we started our company. He is always willing to jump in and do whatever needs done. He is a great team player as well as a great leader. Ryan is a huge asset to our company. Nominated by Kindra

Heidi G. – Valley Supply 
Heidi has an amazing day to day attitude. She is willing to take on anything that needs done. She is a great asset to our company. Nominated by Kindra

Lynn S. – Allreds
I am so proud of Lynn for her overall work ethic. This employee stays on task and pushes through her jobs and projects like a freight train. She isn’t afraid of a challenge and will take it on with open arms. All the while helping others, assisting where she can, and is dedicated to making our company a better place. In my 20+ years of working, I have never seen such dedication and motivated worker. Nominated by Katie

Kelly M. – Mountain West Commercial
Kelly is a diligent worker who gets the work done even if she stays late. She is competent in wanting to learn more and wants to include others around her in engaging activities to build culture. Nominated by Kenneth

Daniel M. – Kimball Condominiums Owners Association
Dan stepped up to help manage the hotel when the new AGM was terminated. He handled complicated IT issues with a new master hotel phone system installation and compiled extensive research required to deal with unexpected regulatory events. He took over priority duties of AGM position in addition to his “normal duties,” worked with all departments to coordinate them so that guests were not affected. All of this was proactive on his part without complaint regardless of workload. Stellar performance and results to boot!

Ariana J. – Reddish Pharmacy
Ari is a pharmacy technician that has been working for our pharmacy for several years. She is always punctual and ready to go when she arrives for work. On many occasions, she has gone above and beyond by helping out the pharmacy either before work or on her way home. This past year she has stopped and picked up our COVID vaccine from the District Health office 3 or 4 times so we would have the needed vaccine in the pharmacy. On other occasions, after working all day she has delivered medications to some of our patients who had forgotten to call in for delivery by our daily cut-off time without being asked. She simply offers to bring it to them on her own time out of the goodness of her heart. She is truly an example of an employee who goes the extra miles in many ways. Nominated by Kevin

Tim S. – ADS Steel Detailing
Tim comes to work with a smile on his face and he’s excited to do his work. His enthusiasm rubs off on others, making it a positive workplace. He is highly skilled and willing to do what it takes to get the job done. Nominated by Kathi

Doug R. – MKE Steel Detailing
Doug is always willing to give of himself for others. He puts forth the effort to research to solve problems with a great attitude. He doesn’t complain if his work needs to be after normal working hours. Everyone knows they can depend on him. Nominated by Kathi

Craig G. – GCI Product Engineering
Craig is always willing to help with problems when asked without complaining. He is focused and sure to finish what he has started. He’s willing to help out with little things that are not necessarily his normal work. He shares his smile freely. Nominated by Kathi

John C. – Griffith Engineering Services
Jack enjoys performing excellent quality detailed work. He happily trains and supervises others with a proper attitude. He represents the business ethics and mission statement for the company well. Nominated by Kathi

Shane F. – Built Brands
In the 9 months Shane has worked here, he’s been vital in creating and enforcing multiple processes that have helped us to track attendance, overtime, and GMP violations. He never has to be told what needs to get done – he has an innate sense of what needs to be done and the confidence to execute it as well. He comes in at all hours to make sure our employees know that he’s there to help if needed. His funny side jokes don’t hurt either! We would be LOST without Shane on our HR team. Nominated by Shannon

Jocelin R – Dynasthetics
Jocelin is amazing. First, she performs a large volume of work with very few errors. Second, Because she is willing to learn new skills. Third, she has a great attitude and gets along with her co-workers. We are thrilled to have Jocelin here at Dynasthetics! Nominated by Joe

Autumn H. – Mountain Peaks Family Practice
Autumn has been with our office for a few years now and we couldn’t love her more. She is one of our medical assistants and has a heart of gold. It has been a rough past 2 years with Covid, but that hasn’t hindered Autumn. She is to work early every day and always asks if anyone needs help before she leaves. Often she wont even ask, she will just help others so we can all leave work. Autumn is so passionate about her work and is a working towards her goal of becoming an RN. Autumn has a great memory and will ask patients about there jobs, kids and grandkids. She has a special way of bonding with the patients and making them feel welcome and cared for. She really does care for what happens to our patients and is consistent with following up calling the patients and asking how there doing and checking how new mediations are working or how PT is going. I feel very lucky to be able to work with her and feel she brings so much to our clinic. Nominated by Melissa

Krista B. – Hughes Appraisal Service
Krista is amazing and a key player in keeping our business going. She goes outside of her work responsibilities to help others and to resolve problems. She emanates a true sense of caring to both employees and clients, and always goes the extra mile. Nominated by Chad

Michelle M. -E&B Industries
She is dedicated, reliable and passionate about her role in the organization. Nominated by Denise

Wendy P. – Platinum Payments
Wendy is dedicated to making the company a success. She is always looking for ways to improve herself and the company and willing to help anyone succeed. She is there when things are sunny and when things are tough. Wendy is a great asset to Platinum Payments. Nominated by Samuel

Brodie P. –  Ramble
Brodie is always so willing to go above and beyond what is asked. He thinks the situation through and has a quick turnaround on all of his projects. The little things don’t bother him but will also bring up any needs to get the job done and be able to perform better. Nominated by Dave

Morgan N. – The Health Spot
Morgan came to our clinic knowing nothing about the medical field except for how to draw blood. She was hired on as a receptionist and would fill in for our phlebotomist when needed. We found ourselves needing another Medical Assistant and Morgan was willing and ready to train when we asked her. She has come SUCH a long way in such a short amount of time. Morgan has such a positive attitude about everything she does and every new change we have in the office. We couldn’t be as good of a team as we are without her. Nominated by Tara

Heather C. – Signature Floors
Heather is a great office manager handling request for many things, by many individuals. Happy positive attitude under all circumstances, even ornery people! Not only keeps on top of things at our office, but at home has three disabled children that she is a super mom to. We think she definitely deserves recognition! Nominated by Cherrie

Annalise B. – EATS Park City
Annalise joined us a month before Covid-19 created a two year culture of pivot after pivot and she’s pivoted like a rockstar. Annalise also thinks outside of the box and has identified creative ways to scale our programs. She embodies our mission and we are lucky to have her on our team. Nominated by Meaghan

Louisa M. – Aarons Semi Repair
Louisa is always positive even in adversity. She keeps the flow going while the owners away. She makes life easy for the whole team, the customers and owners. She is the glue that makes our lives and business run smooth. We would be lost without her… so would our customers. Nominated by Nicole

Paula P. – Abbington Manor
Paula has worked with us for many years. For the past two years she has been so selfless in the way that she continually serves our senior residents. COVID has created many challenges in the workplace and Paula has worked tirelessly to deal with these challenges and make sure that the residents are cared for the way they should be. She has been diligent in her efforts to cover shifts at times when others were sick and couldn’t come in. She has been wonderful to work with and has set a good example of consistency, hard work, caring and diligence. We are very grateful to Paula for all she has done over these past few years. Nominated by Rick

Robbie R. – YouScience
This has been a year of transformation and transitions and Robbie has not only been instrumental in helping YouScience transform and in helping others make significant transitions, but Robbie has done a wonderful job in transitioning himself to other roles – which is critical in a growing company. Robbie’s passion for helping others and YouScience is evident in everything he does, and in everything he does he gives everything he has. Thank you Robbie for being AWESOME! Nominated by Edson

Chad A. – Mountain West Trailers
Chad has been consistent in his efforts to grow our business. Nominated by Amanda

Abby C. – Achieve CMO
I love that Abby is always willing to step up and learn new things. Nominated by Jessie

Amanda O. – Mountain West Trailers
Seriously the Best!!! She works tirelessly go get projects completed on time and makes everyone else’s life so much easier. She always goes above and beyond on everything she does. Nominated by Chad

Paisley – Little Learners of Price
She’s always willing to come in on days off, or play with the kids. She’s super kind and fun to be around! She has great initiative and an amazing personality. Nominated by JoAnna

Emma I. – Big Red Jelly
She is an incredibly skilled web designer and marketer director for our team at Big Red Jelly. I’ve learned so much from her as I strive to follow her example of hard work, leadership and confidence. She is such a great friend and makes every day fun! She is the best!! Nominated by Mary Kate

Nolani S. – Social 5
Nolani is proficient and reliable in all the responsibilities we’ve given her. From contest and campaign management to social media advertising, she consistently does a great job. Nominated by Judson

Aaron H. – Wyoming Fabrication
Very dependable and honest, keeps a good attitude, and is willing to stay late or work extra to meet project deadlines and to take care of the customer. Nominated by Mike

Megan W. – Uinta Bank
Megan joined our team at the beginning of 2021. Not only has she become proficient in her role as a teller/new accounts specialist, she is constantly looking to provide assistance/learn from other employees. She has taken on many roles outside of her expected duties and continues to excel in everything that she tackles. We could not be happier that Megan joined our team. Nominated by Myriah

Pourya N. – Resono Pressure Systems
Pourya is the main inspiration and driving force of our small company. He started Resono Pressure Systems while still a graduate student , doing the bulk of the work in organizing member meetings, finding funding, and researching not only the science behind the product but the business development. He still finds time to find grants to pay for internships, allowing other young graduate students to benefit in learning the incentives of building a small business. Even when the stress is high, Pourya is a voice of calm reason that encourages all to strive for their best. Nominated by Leann

Sal S. – Teton Village Association Improvement
Sal is always willing to help out, both his co-workers and guests. If he doesn’t have the tools or the knowledge for the job, he looks for it. Just last week, he stayed late to help resolve a major problem with our automated paid parking kiosks. Nominated by Melissa

Josh P. – Everbase Solutions
Josh has stepped up and taken on a lot more responsibility as a new lead technician on some of our larger projects. He has proven to be a huge asset to our company and truly cares about the success of Everbase Solutions! Nominated by Preston

Kevin B. – Bluefin Office Group
He recommended a software system for our company to run our business on that allows us to operate more efficiently and profitably . He has taken the data our system gives us and found ways to improve or margins by several percentage points. He has been able to create a purchasing model that recommends where we are able to purchase our products at the best price. Each day our purchasing department utilizes his program to determine where we can purchase the products we need at the best price in our industry. He has recommended sources available to us to purchase products we have not been selling so we can increase our sales with new product offerings. He has found ways to reduce some of our costs of doing business. He has recommended ways we can improve the way our business processes flow. He is a very capable and valuable employee. He has developed and trained for a powerful IT skill set that allows our company to maximize efficiencies He is constantly researching Best Practice and Cutting Edge solutions in the business world which has brought cost-reducing and profit-enhancing initiatives to the company. He is willing to contribute in creative ways to the Company’s well being even when that means doing things that are outside the scope of his specific responsibilities. Nominated by Dean

Thank you to all of the amazing employees who work so hard for our clients. It is impossible to name everyone who has made an impact on the small businesses in our community. Also thank you to all of the Helpside employees who make it enjoyable to come to work each day.