October 5th is Do Something Nice Day. To celebrate, we asked our clients to share stories of their employees doing something nice for a customer or a co-worker. Here are a few of the stories we received:

Elite Housing
Nomination by Darrell Mecham

Charlie Nackos is our newest employee at Elite Housing, but he is also the most seasoned with 77 years of experience.  He is continually trying to improve his surroundings with his friendly approach to people who visit our homes or tidying up with a broom and dust pan.

He lives the Golden Rule of treating others as he wants to be.  He shares goodies he brings from home with others and willingly works the Saturday shifts to keep the sales office staffed.  Charlie is our nomination for someone who does nice things for others at work regularly.


Nomination by Jody Sears

I would like to nominate Jamison Peterson.  Jamison is a relatively new employee who came into our office on such a positive uplifting note. He is always happy and upbeat and constantly willing to help others when it doesn’t interfere with his work time.

He makes such a difference every day because his like this consistently and it is contagious! We love having him as part of our team!!


Reddish Pharmacy
Nomination by Kevin Reddish

We had filled a patient’s monthly prescriptions for her and Kolby Reddish had put in a few of the little York peppermint patty candies with a little note that said, “A little treat for one of our sweetest customers, hope you have a great day.”  That customer went on to explain that she had just recently lost one of her parents and that small act of kindness made a huge difference in her day.  She broke down several times while telling me the story, so I know how much it meant to her.  I’m so thankful to hear stories of how we are able to make someone’s day, those are customers that we will have for life!


Tides are Rising
Nomination by Cortney Brown

I would like to submit a story on Becca Giles. Becca has gone above and beyond in teaching me my new role as sales admin. She used to work this position and has it down to a science. She didn’t have to train me or help me. She has put all her work aside to help me and make me feel comfortable in my new position. Becca always has a smile on her face and willing to stop whatever she is doing to help someone. I wanted her to be recognized for all that she does and for keeping the morale of the team up.


YWCA Sweetwater County
Nomination by Cheryl Tarno

My boss, Lauren Schoenfeld, sent me a personal note to my home address while I was away on vacation. When I returned home I was surprised to see an envelope with her name on it. Upon opening it I discovered that she had written how much she appreciated me as an employee. I was touched by her thoughtfulness and it did make me feel very appreciated. My husband was awestruck that she would take the time to do that.


Acaydia Spa & School of Aesthetics
Nomination by Andrea Hulse

Cacci Karcich is a new educator at Acaydia. Last week, she took the time to organize and restructure a practical training room. She saw a need and jumped in to make a difference, not expecting any recognition. Oh…and she always makes delicious treats and brings them to work to share! I’m so glad she is part of our team.


We also had a client nominate one of our internal A Plus Benefits employees, which we are always happy to hear.

Nomination by Sammy Jo Hunt

Ann Armitage is our company’s Payroll Specialist.  I have found her exceptional and very professional in all our weekly payroll exchanges.  She has always been extremely knowledgeable, and helpful any time in the past 4 years of working together.  If I’ve had any questions that she has not been able to answer immediately she always gets back to me with the answer in a quick and timely manner.

She has been a valuable liaison between A Plus Benefits and Olsenbeal.  I look forward to working with her for many years to come.