Simplify your non-profit organization’s Payroll, HR and Employee Benefits 

Are you frustrated with:

  • Expensive employee benefits?
  • Tedious payroll processes?
  • Complicated employment law compliance?
  • Challenging HR situations?
  • Time-consuming employee administration tasks?

We can help!

A non-profit organization is a unique business to operate. While non-profit organizations face some of the same challenges as other employer, they also face additional government oversight and budgetary restrictions. Finding the right partners is key to efficiently furthering the organization’s mission.

We’d love to connect and share more about how Helpside’s PEO services, including payroll, human resources, employment law compliance, employee benefits, safety, and workers’ compensation have positively impacted non-profit organizations headquartered in Utah, Wyoming, Arizona, and beyond. 


You should schedule a call if…

  • You’d like to reduce administration and focus on the the objectives and mission of your organization
  • You want to offer an affordable and attractive benefits package that helps you attract and retain the best employees
  • You’re frustrated with the high cost of offering benefits to your employees
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“From the payroll and benefits to the HR consulting, Helpside is a one-stop shop for us. We feel comfortable and confident in Helpside doing the work. They are really good at what they do.”

Michele Carter

Director of Operations, Wyoming Humanities Council

Case Study

Client Case Study – Wyoming Humanities Council

The Wyoming Humanities Council is a non-profit organization that focuses on strengthening democracy and supporting the creative and cultural economy in the state. Working with Helpside has allowed the organization’s leaders to offload some of the administrative functions associated with having employees.

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What makes Helpside’s employee benefits different?

  • Plans exclusive to Helpside – The medical plan options offered by Helpside are exclusive to our clients. Your current broker doesn’t have access to these plans.
  • Large group buying power – Partnering with Helpside gives you affordable medical plan rates with historically low annual rate increases.
  • More employee choice – Each employee has the choice of six different medical plan options, including four traditional PPO options and two HSA qualifying options.
  • Additional supplemental benefits – Employees can access additional supplemental benefits such as dental, vision, life, disability, accident, and more at no additional cost to the employer.

What is a PEO?

PEO stands for Professional Employer Organization. While the services PEOs offer can vary, most will process your payroll, take care of employee benefits, provide human resources and safety training, and help with compliance issues. PEOs can be extremely helpful for small and medium non-profit organizations who are looking for ways to streamline administrative functions, maintain compliance, and offer attractive but affordable benefits solutions to employees.

Understanding the tools available to you will help you run your non-profit organization more efficiently. If you have questions about PEOs or the services Helpside offers, reach out.

Individualized attention backed by smart HR technology. That’s Helpside.

Helpside provides HR technology and solutions that recognize employees are humans. Enjoy self-service? Employees have access to their payroll and benefits information online 24/7 on their computer or mobile device. Need to talk to someone? Reach out to our Client Support Specialists via phone, email, or live chat. We are ready to answer your questions.

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