A non-profit organization is a unique business to operate. While non-profit organizations face some of the same challenges any small employer faces (hiring and retaining great employees, maintaining employment law compliance, paying employees accurately, etc.) they also face additional government oversight and budgetary restrictions. Finding the right partners is key to minimizing administrative burden and furthering the organization’s mission.

Here are a few of the benefits non-profit organizations experience by working with professional employer organization (PEO):

Peace of Mind

Staying in compliance is important for anyone who has employees, but non-profit organizations face additional government oversight that makes understanding and following state and federal employment laws even more important. A PEO hires experts in payroll, HR, benefits, and risk management to help non-profit organizations develop best practices that keep them in compliance.

Not being compliant with laws and regulations can end up in costly fines and penalties for your organization, so, for peace of mind, consider having PEO experts take care of the intricate laws.

Competitive Benefits Package

Working with a PEO can give a non-profit organization access to an affordable and competitive benefits package for employees. “Typically, non-profits offer whatever benefits they can afford to their employees. By working with Helpside, we are able to offer the Cadillac of benefits to our employees at an affordable price,” says Michele Carter, Director of Operations for the Wyoming Humanities Council.

Having a competitive benefits package means that your organization will stand out when competing for top employee talent.  And providing great benefits will not only attract the best employees, but it will help retain them. PEOs allow non-profit organizations to offer a full suite of employee benefits options including health, dental and vision insurance, life, disability, and 401(k).

More Time to Focus on the Mission

With a PEO taking care of payroll, employee onboarding, verifications or employment, garnishments, payroll taxes, W-2s, benefits enrollment and so much more, leaders of non-profit organizations have more time to focus on their mission and interact with their employees.

Allowing PEO experts to take care of the tedious work gives leaders more time to focus on ways to reach their goals.  When leaders are truly mission driven, it can help employees to be more confident and have a strong sense of purpose in the organization.

Using a PEO can help non-profit organizations maintain compliance, attract the best employees and give leaders peace of mind that everything is taken care of correctly. If you are interested in learning more about how Helpside works with local non-profit organizations, reach out to us at marketing@helpside.com.