Work-life balance is something workers have been striving to achieve for decades. There have been papers published, advice given, and studies done all to teach people how to create the perfect work-life balance. However, as much of this information has come out, myths have come with it. There are many myths about work-life balance that can make it difficult to achieve peace and happiness. Here are some myths, and their truths:

Work is a Necessary Evil

While work is necessary to fund your lifestyle, it doesn’t have to be considered an evil. You may not be working in your dream job, maybe you’re working your nightmare job, but no matter where you work there is always something to learn. Approach work with a learning mindset. Think about how you can learn or progress in the next workday. Maybe you want to introduce yourself to a co-worker you’ve never talked too, or maybe you’ll finally figure out how to screenshare in your next video conference. This mindset will make work a more fulfilling part of your time.

Work-Life Balance Means Having a Perfect Home and Job

Work-life balance is actually about having enough time in your schedule to take care of work and life responsibilities. Focusing too much on having a perfect home and perfect job can be detrimental to your mental healthHaving a focus on a perfect home will make it so you can’t get the rest you need. Focusing on finding the perfect job will make it so you feel dissatisfied with all your jobs. Instead focus on spending your time meaningfully at home and work.

Work and Life are Separate

Even though there should be some boundaries between work and life, it would be exhausting and nearly impossible to keep them completely separated. There will be emergencies that come up at home that need your immediate attention. And there will be big projects with looming deadlines at work that will eat up your extra hours. Allow yourself some room to deal with unexpected situations and don’t berate yourself for having to cut work or life time a little short.

Trying to keep your work-self and your home-self separate can be damaging as well. Take your whole self into work every day. Share your interests with co-workers and make friends at work. This will help you to feel your time at work is meaningful and enriching.

Throw these myths out of your life to achieve a better work-life balance.