Working remotely has its own set of advantages and challenges. Working away from others in the company can make it hard to stay connected with other workers. For more introverted employees, this may not be a difficulty. However, extroverted employees rely on connection tboost their energy. Without this connection, it can be hard for extroverts to feel motivated to do work. Here are some ways to help support your extroverted remote workers:

Provide Social Moments

Being completely alone while working is exhausting to extroverts, and the way they recharge is by interacting with other people. Providing a form of social interaction would be very beneficial to your extroverted employees. A video conference brainstorm session or using an informal chat tool are both good ways to have social interaction for remote workers.

Break up the Solitude

For extroverts, working from home can become an endless chain of emails and draining solitude. Why not break it up? Try calling your extroverted employees instead of sending a series of emails. That way you can give them the information they need, find out how your employee is doing, and help energize them in a single phone call.

Create Company Connections

Even if your extroverted employees are working from home, they can still form connections with other employees. Consider starting a mentoring program to get employees in touch with someone that can answer their questions. If a full mentoring program isn’t probable for your company, there are still ways to connect your employees like spotlighting employees so everyone gets to know each other betterThere are plenty of options available if you are willing to be creative.

Use this advice to better support the need of your extroverted remote employees.