As a business leader, you will probably have employees that are also parents, if you don’t already. Trying to be a good parent and a good employee can be incredibly stressful. Employees might need time off on short notice due to sick kids, childcare struggles, and school schedules. Despite the struggles, you want to keep employees who are parents. They can provide a different perspective and problem-solving method to your company as well as more empathy. Here are some ways for you to be supportive of the working parents in your company:  

Be Open About Struggles 

Being open about some of the struggles you’re facing in your personal life will help your employees to open up about their struggles as well. You don’t have to tell your employees everything but opening up about some of your insecurities can create open lines of communication. When your employees come to you with concerns, try to be understanding. Work together to find a solution that is a win-win for the employee and the company. 

Make Transparency Part of Your Culture 

Your example of openness will be very helpful in this. Encourage honest conversations between all levels and departments of your company. Be honest when you don’t understand something or when something doesn’t work for you and invite your employees to do the same. This ability to ask questions and be open will empower working parents to ask for what they need.  

Be Willing to Make Adjustments 

Being a parent may require some schedule changes or flexibility. Be willing to talk with your employees and attempt to adjust where needed. This may require some flexible scheduling. Listening to your employees concerns and acting on them in this way will make them loyal and grateful to you. This is also a great way to build trust with your employees and support new parents.  

Review Your Benefits Options 

Benefits such as flexible scheduling and childcare options could be very helpful to working parents. Consider the benefits you offer. Decide if you want to add benefits or adjust your benefits to better help the working parents in your company.  

Following these four tips can help you to better support working parents in your company.