Hiring and retaining employees has always been a concern for employers. It takes a lot of time and effort to incorporate a new employee into your company culture and give them all the training they need. So of course, once you have a great employee onboard you want to keep them from leaving. This has been one of the biggest challenges employers have faced due to the pandemic; often called The Great Resignation of 2022. The great resignation is the term used to describe the current job market where many people are willingly leaving their jobs. Nationally, the current rates of resignation are higher than they’ve ever been. It’s likely that your business will be affected by the great resignation even if you haven’t lost any employees this year. There are several things you can do to help your employees want to stay at your company: 

Give Your Employees a Path to Success 

Most employees don’t want to be completely stagnant in their jobs. They want to learn, grow, progress, and take on new responsibilities and job titles. Because of this, your employees are less likely to leave your company if they feel they still have room to progress and a clear career path. Creating this environment for your employees takes work and communication for your leadership team. You need to have serious discussions with your employees about their performance, their personal and professional goals, and the steps they need to take to progress in your company. Clearly communicating with your employees will give them goals to focus on and a clear road to work success.  

Invest in Employee Health 

Take a look at your employee benefits offerings. Are you providing the types of coverage your employees need? Most employees expect their employer to provide health insurance, but what other benefits, such as accident insurance, disability, life insurance, or 401(k) could you offer to give employees greater peace of mind. Don’t forget to review your paid time off policies and workplace flexibility policies as well. 

If your work environment isn’t letting employees live a healthy or balanced life, you will definitely see a lot of your employees leave. Take the time to evaluate the processes and demands in your workplace. Do people frequently work more hours than they are scheduled for? Is productivity dropping even though employees are present? Is there an absenteeism problem? All of these can be signs that you are working your employees too hard and pushing them to burnout. If something needs to be changed to make your employees healthier, change it. Your employees will thank you and be happier working in a place that prioritizes their health.  

Recognize Employees for Their Hard Work 

Everybody loves being recognized for their hard work. If you want your employees to know you want them to continue to work for you, recognize their accomplishments. Take time to celebrate company victories, both big and small. Your employees will want to stay at your company if they feel the work they do is appreciated and tied back to a larger company goal. 

Though not all resignations can be avoided, some can be avoided by changing simple things at your workplace. Start applying these tips today to make your company a place your employees want to work.