Feedback is important because it creates a healthy flow of communication in the workplace. It is common for employers to frequently give their employees feedback, but it is equally as important for employees to give feedback to their employers. Exchanging new ideas and opinions will help grow and advance your company.  

Here are some ways to create a culture of feedback in the workplace:  

Make feedback a habit  

Having a monthly company meeting is not enough to receive feedback from employees. Managers need frequent 1-on-1 meetings and team meetings to exchange thoughts and ideas. During these meetings, feedback should be given and received from both the employee and the manager.  

 If frequent personal meetings are held, employers and employees will feel more comfortable expressing their feedback. During personal meetings, employers should ask their employees if they have specific feedback or thoughts they want to express. Making sure that employees know feedback is encouraged will help them want to speak up.  

Create a judgement-free zone 

Employees often feel like they will get judged for expressing their ideas or feelings, so employers need to create a judgement-free zone. Making employees feel like they will not be judged will help them feel more confident in saying what is on their mind. 

If employers notice their employees seem hesitant to give feedback, try sending feedback surveys that are anonymous. This may help employees to become more comfortable with the idea of giving feedback.  

Provide immediate feedback 

Whether feedback is positive or negative, it is important to express feedback as soon as possible. Sharing suggestions and ideas immediately will help keep your feedback relevant.  

For example, if an employee has been performing well at work, quickly share your positive feedback praising that employee. The same goes for negative feedback. If an employee has been struggling and not performing well, then talk to them and share your feedback with them as soon as you can so they can make the necessary changes.  

Follow up on feedback  

Employees often get discouraged from offering constructive criticism and feedback because they feel like their opinions will not be valued. It is important for managers to follow up with their employees and discuss any previously shared feedback. This will help employees know that their opinions are valued and important.  

Creating a culture of feedback will allow for employers and employees to feel more comfortable expressing their ideas and opinions. This open communication will allow for more growth and advancement in your company and will help keep employees satisfied.