Today is National Employee Appreciation Day! In 2020, Helpside is celebrating 30 years in business, so we invited our clients to share the story of an employee whose longevity and/or loyalty makes a positive impact on their organization.

Here are some of the amazing stories of outstanding employees:

Delaine K. – Deer Crest Master Association
Delaine is our longest termed gate attendant here at Deer Crest (more than 20 years!). She is extremely devoted to her job and does it extremely well. She has developed many positive habits over the years and actually does more than is asked of her on a daily basis. She is always very professional and pays attention to detail in such a way that I’ll say to people “she’s like a machine”, in a very positive way. The only bad thing I can say about her is that she takes her vacation for two weeks every summer and the rest of just dread that because she’s gone for two weeks. Of course, I’m kidding when I say “bad thing”, but we really do miss her when she’s gone. Nominated by Ronald L.

Trevin G. – Castle Rock Precast LLC
Our customers LOVE Trevin, He works really hard to create an amazing experience for our customers. We appreciate his hard work and dedication to our company. He is always keeping his truck clean and goes above and beyond his duties. Nominated by Alexandra P.

Richelle B. – Converse Hope Center
She ALWAYS steps up to take on new projects. She found issues in our finances after changing bookkeepers that would have closed our doors. Nominated by Amy N.

Ashley W. – Salt Lake MRI
She has made my life so much easier with her eagerness to learn and her outstanding ability to communicate with the employees.  She is kind, compassionate and she is a star employee. Nominated by Becky V.

Gabi C. – Hearth & Hill
Gabi always has a smile on her face. She is a constant team player, helping others by picking-up shifts, training, bussing their tables, and much more. She is the professional associate that you wish you had a hundred of! Nominated by Brooks K.

Dixie S. – Utah Certified Development Company
Dixie is dedicated, responsible, and a pleasure to work with. She is the example of being on time and at work every day, ready to get things done. Her professionalism with both staff and clients is outstanding. She tackles anything she is given with a smile! Nominated by Caryl E.

Abby S. – Purple Orange
Abby has been a quick learner, picking up the hard-to-teach skills of Public Relations with ease and talent. We appreciate her cheerful positivity and ability to manage heavy workloads with a smile and great attitude. Nominated by Chris D.

Jay K. – Rock Canyon Oil
Jay is the epitome of a company man. He is dependable and hard working. He leads by example and is willing to get dirty and make sure the job is done right. Jay’s loyalty to our company (he’s been with us more than 10 years!), to our customers, and to our employees really sets him apart. Nominated by Craig R.

Cindi J. – Idaho Arthritis & Osteoporosis Center
Cindi has been an employee for 15 years. She cares about the company and is a genuine person, which makes her a pleasure to work with day in and day out. Nominated by Dan T.

Jose A. – W-Systems
This employee takes pride in his job and in the company. He is an incredible leader and is an example to those around him as he goes above and beyond in everything he does. We love and are so grateful for Jose! Nominated by Dani T.

Charlie N. – Elite Housing
He is very congenial with customers, and I get regular compliments from people who express their appreciation for Charlie making them feel comfortable when answering their questions.  He takes ownership of keeping our office and sales models clean and nice.  I feel like he cares for things the same way I do as the owner.  Having Charlie here allows me to take time away and know that he will handle what is needed in my absence.  Nominated by Darrell M.

Digna G. – AAMCOR
Digna has worked for AAMCOR for 24 years.  She is hard working, dedicated, always on time and stays late. Nominated by Harley B.

Brandon H. – Nutriient
Brandon always goes above and beyond what is expected of him. He is often the first one in and the last one to leave. He is meticulous and detail-oriented and does his best work behind the scenes with no thought of recognition. Nominated by Jake H.

Jake T. – Peak Measurement and Analysis
Jake works hard for us and always shows an interest in learning new things. Jake works quickly and effectively and is a real asset to our company. Nominated by Jennifer R.

Miranda S. – Little Learners of Price
She’s is a go getter. She never has to be asked to do her job and she continues to go above and beyond her job duties. She never complains and always makes sure to have a great attitude. She truly loves her job and our clients. She is what every employer hopes for in an employee. Nominated by JoAnna H.

Candace R. – Social5
Candace consistently does a great job ensuring our new clients onboard smoothly into our social media services. Candace looks for better ways to improve our processes and customer experience. She is adaptable and flexible to adjust to the varying demands of her job. Nominated by Judson S.

Josh H. – GCI Product Engineering
Josh is a hard, consistent worker.  He has a good attitude about work, and is able to switch gears, working on many different projects without a hitch.  He puts in extra time when it is needed and cares about the fluctuating needs of the company. Nominated by Kathi G.

Lorna S. – ADS Steel Detailing
We bought ADS 6 months ago, and Lorna has done an outstanding job of getting us through the transition. She is very reliable and has tackled the learning curve of new software and responsibilities with gusto. She is very professional with our customers and likable too. Nominated by Kathi G.

Dave S. – MKE Steel Detailing
Dave has taken over as GM since our former GM retired. He has taken on many new responsibilities with a great attitude.  He is willing to learn new things.  He works well with the other employees and is encouraging for them. Nominated by Kathi G.

Lynn S. – Allred’s
Hands down Lynn is known for her dedication and strong work ethic.  Lynn is an amazing multitasker and even wears several hats in our family company. I never have to second guess if Lynn is on task or question the integrity and accuracy of her work.  Amazing!!!! Nominated by Katie P.

Shawna S. – Reddish Pharmacy
Shawna has taken on the responsibility of developing our Patient Outcome program. This program helps maximize our patient’s insurance benefits so we can help them get the best medications available based on their insurance benefits. Shawna is also a great team player who gets along great with all the other employees and because of her excellent people skills she does a great job with the customers as well. Nominated by Kevin R.

Jason B. – Oyboy Heating and Cooling
Jason is hard working and dedicated. He always puts the team first and is willing to help anyone in need. Nominated by Matt O.

Alondra S. – Mountain Peaks Family Practice
Always on time. She is willing to stay late to finish hers and her co-workers’ jobs.  Always has a smile on her face and is 100% positive about life in general.  Nominated by Melissa B.

Emily S. – Safehouse Services
Emily is really dependable – always there without being asked. She has a great attitude and the ability to bring other people up. She works hard, and always does it with a smile and a sense of humor. Nominated by Nicole C.

Louisa M. – Aarons Semi Repair
She goes above and beyond to learn new programs to make the team successful. She finds ways to make a positive, so she doesn’t have to bother owners. She leads the team and takes initiative to always improve our morale. Nominated by Nicole L.

Jeff H. – Wasatch Storage Partners
Jeff has worked very hard to be accurate in accounting for our properties.  He had to jump in and learn his role very quickly.  Jeff is also positive and happy to work around. Nominated by Ray W.

Stacey W. – eLearning Brothers
eLearning Brothers has many exceptional employees and we appreciate all of them. This year we would like to recognize Stacey W. for Employee Appreciation Day. Stacey—some people say she is intelligent. Some people say she is amazingly talented. Others say she is kind and brings joy to their lives. She is and does!

Stacey, you are truly one of a kind. You give 100%, and many times you give more than that. We can rely on you to literally take on anything. You are always always always willing to do whatever is needed on any project to get it done and completed exceptionally. You are reliable and dependable and we appreciate your commitment and dedication to your work and those around you. We love having you as part of the team and wouldn’t have it any other way. Stacey, you make us better. Thank you for all you do. Nominated by Rosie D.

Jodi L. – Platinum Payments
Jodi is always ready to do what is needed to move the company forward.  She has helped with many things including Customer Service, Sales, and Marketing.  She is always ready to help others succeed. Nominated by Samuel S.

Ginny R. – Vital Metrix
Ginny is the glue that holds our organization together. She works tirelessly to ensure her employees and the company are managed well. Ginny is required to juggle many organizational issues and always does so with ease and a smile. Nominated by Sandy M.

Samantha L. – BrainStorm
This employee is an intern, with part time hours. However, she handles most of our recruiting process. She’s driven and dedicated to providing a positive experience and improving our processes. Nominated by Seth S.

Stefany H. – Built Bar
Stefany has been with us at the beginning and is the backbone of Built Bar. She makes all our employees, visitors, vendors, and customers feel like they’re the most important person she’s helping that day. She always is happy and smiling and goes the extra mile to help anyone and everyone. She works hard to learn and grow and we could not function without her. Nominated by Shannon M.

Shawn D. – Diversified Systems
Shawn is a hard worker; he always takes on projects with a can do attitude. He is reliable; we never have to worry about him getting the job done. Shawn is a team player; he always jumps in and helps when needed. Nominated by Sherri R.

Jan W. – Arrive Homes
Jan is so great to answer all of my questions. I am a new employee and this has been very helpful to me. He is very knowledgeable and willing to do whatever any needs. Nominated by Stephanie L.

Shanda P. – Pyne Floor
Shanda is a delight to have working with us.  She goes clearly out of her comfort zone to learn new things, and is amazing working with customers and our installers.  She keeps us all upbeat, motivated, and happy. One incredible person! Nominated by Terri P.

Ethan G. – Dentive
Ethan is a master of turning our chaos into clean, organized systems of efficiency.  He is an ever-learning, always committed leader who goes the extra mile every time.  Nominated by Tom C.

Addison K. – Glymed Plus
Always willing to take on a new task. Humble and always willing to try to go the extra mile. Anyone who works with the DermaSounds and keeps her sanity is worthy of a prize! Nominated by William O.