Giving your employees both positive and negative feedback is an important part of being a leader, but for so many people, it can make them feel uncomfortable. But how will your employees know how you expect them to perform or behave if you don’t tell them?

If you are looking at ways to create a culture that is comfortable with giving and receiving feedback, start by having your leaders ask employees for feedback. A recent article from Forbes suggest that leaders can start their employee meetings with a few simple questions to set a good tone for open communication.

  • What did I do well last week?
  • What didn’t I do so well?
  • What do you think I could do to get better?
  • What can I do for you this week?

This can be a great way to start a conversation about performance expectations and accountability. Asking these questions shows that you as a leader want to improve. It also shows that you are holding yourself accountable. It also shows that you are open to feedback and creates a vulnerability that will increase trust. Modeling all of these things for your employees will demonstrate what is important to you and your organization.