If your company participates in the Helpside Workers’ Compensation program, there are specific steps you should take any time an employee is injured to ensure that the employee is taken care of and the claim has the best possible outcome.

If the employee’s injury is life or limb threatening, please seek emergency treatment at the nearest emergency facility or call 911.

 If the injury is not life or limb threatening, but may require medical attention:

The injured employee must first call 1-844-581-0831 and speak with nurse triage to discuss their injury and treatment options. If medical treatment is advised, the employee must use a designated medical provider. Links to designated providers can be found below:

All employees seeking medical attention are required to complete a post-accident drug screen. Employees with work injuries who do not seek medical attention may also be drug tested at their employer’s discretion.

After receiving medical treatment, employees are required to report back to their immediate supervisor. If work restrictions are given by the doctor; the employee is required to contact their immediate supervisor to determine if modified work is available to meet the restriction given by the attending physician.

Helpside must be notified of all work-related injuries within 24 hours, whether they require medical attention or not. Helpside can be notified by completing the Supervisor’s Incident Report online.  If you have questions about reporting an injury, please reach out to Helpside at rontiveros@helpside.com or (801) 443-1338.

Employers in Utah are required to notify Utah OSHA (aka UOSH) at 801-530-6901 within eight hours of the occurrence of all fatalities; disabling, significant and serious injuries or illnesses. Calls are accepted 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Definition: Significant and/or serious injuries include loss of consciousness, fractures or broken bones, or any other incident that requires the injured employee be admitted to the hospital. An injury or illness where the employee is treated and released without being admitted into the hospital is generally not considered significant or serious. However, if in doubt, always notify OSHA.

Making sure all employees, especially supervisors, understand the injury reporting process is important. We have created this helpful poster you can place at your work site to remind employees of the process.

When in doubt, contact the Helpside Work Comp Claims Director for assistance. He can be reached at rontiveros@helpside.com or (801) 443-1338. Following this process ensures that employees receives the timely medical attention they need while also ensuring the best possible claim outcome.