Most companies have certain values they believe are important and encourage in their company. You probably have some values of your own that you would like to see more in your workplace. These values can be anything from kindness to a good work ethic. Whatever the value, you may be wondering how you can incorporate it into your teams. Here are some easy ways to build teams with high values: 

Set Your Values 

It’s impossible to convince someone to follow your values if you don’t know what your values are. Pick a few values you want to focus on and put them in writing. Ideally, you should be able to put them in your company mission. Once you have these values set, you can start to share them on your website, social media, job postings, employee onboarding and company meetings. 

Follow Your Values 

If you really feel the values you picked are important, your actions, and the actions of your leadership team should match that. Make an effort to live by the values you’ve chosen. Not only will this cement the importance of those values for you, but it will provide a good example to your employees. If they see your value-aligned behaviors your employees will become more likely to live by values themselves.  

Hire Carefully 

One of the greatest places to evaluate employee values is during the hiring process. You can ask questions to determine if candidates have the values you’re looking for before bringing them into your company. Also, you can inform the candidates of the values you prioritize so they can tell if they’d be a good fit. Make sure you aren’t rushing hiring decisions so you can bring in the best employees for your company values.  

Creating teams with high values can be challenging but will make your company a better place.