We hear from many small businesses that attracting and retaining great employees is on their top of their list of priorities. There are many strategies that can be used to do this, but it all starts with creating a positive employer brand. An employer brand is a company’s reputation as an employer among clients and employees.

An article in the Harvard Business Review gives four steps employers can follow to improve their employer brand:

  • “Evaluate your current employer brand awareness and reputation”: Small businesses in particular, which are competing for great employees often with fewer resources, need to understand how they are perceived by prospective and current employees. Harvard Business Review suggests evaluating that perception through surveys and feedback. You may not be able to afford a formal survey, but could start asking a few questions of perspective employees in interviews to gain some insights.
  • “Define how you’d like to be seen as an employer”: Take a look at your company values and how they come into play when you deal with clients and employees. Those ideas become the center of your employer brand, and should be boosted across your company and communication channels.
  • “Be more proactive in using social media to share inside stories that highlight your strengths”: With an increasing social media presence both personal and professional and anonymous review websites like Glassdoor, employees are sharing their experience at companies with others. Add your own positive stories to the mix to improve your employer brand.
  • “Ensure that every function within the organization understands the value of a strong employer brand”: A company’s employer brand is different than the general brand they use for marketing their products or services to the public, but they are still tied together. Your entire workforce needs to work together to create a positive employer brand.

Maintaining a positive employers brand will make your company more attractive to clients, job candidates, and your existing employees. Use this advice to boost your employer branding.