We are happy to announce that A Plus Benefits is now Helpside. We provide solutions related to employee benefits, as our former name suggests, but we are also helpful in many more ways and our new name reflects that.

A few key points about the rebrand:

  • Our office locations haven’t changed, and our services, employees and ownership hasn’t either.

  • We have a new website helpside.com will be up and running on December 19, 2017.

  • Our current website aplusbenefits.com will remain in place until the end of the 2018, when all links will be redirected to the new Helpside website.

  • Our email addresses have changed to the new @helpside.com domain. All emails sent to the @aplusbenefits.com email addresses will automatically be forwarded.

  • All paper checks processed in 2017 have the A Plus Benefits branding.

  • W-2 forms for 2017 sent out to employees will say A Plus Benefits.

  • All of our phone numbers, fax numbers, and mailing addresses will remain the same.

We are really excited for the new brand, our continued relationship with outstanding clients, and the continued evolution of our services to better meet the needs of small businesses and their employees.