As a business leader, you need to have the social skills to connect with your employees and clients. Having the necessary social skills will help you to build relationships and teamwork in your company. Here are behaviors to incorporate into your work life to improve your social skills and be a better leader:

Show Gratitude 

Most people want to be around others that are positive and happy. This is no different for your employees at work. Express gratitude for everything in your life, no matter how small. This includes showing gratitude for your employees’ work. Thank employees and co-workers for going above and beyond and for jobs well done. Doing this will help your employees to enjoy spending time around you because you make them feel recognized.

Listen Actively 

You may think you are a good listener, but there are several behaviors you could be doing subconsciously that signal to a speaker that you aren’t really listening. Do you plan what you’ll say next while someone is talking? Do your eyes dart to your phone if you get a notification, even if someone is talking to you? These are signs that you aren’t listening attentively. Try to focus solely on what an individual is saying while they speak. This will make your conversations with employees more meaningful and build your conversation social skills.

Be Excited 

Many emotions, including excitement, are contagious. People want to be around others that put out the emotions they want. If you want people to be excited to be around you, then you need to be excited yourself. Start by avoid anything negative like complaining or bringing people down. This will make your employees feel that you are easy to talk to and help build your social skills.

Apply this advice in your work life to build up your social skills and improve your relationships with co-workers and employees.